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Looking For a Way to Make Money Online?

If you are looking for a way to Make Money Online, then you have come to the right place! I host Viral Lead Capture Pages at income-opps.com about new online income opportunities, new work at home programs, new affiliate programs, online business opportunity information and other ways to make money online.

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Those who are the first to join a new online income opportunity, new work at home program or new affiliate program have an advantage and usually make the most money. The main reason is that they can start advertising before those who join later. Of course their ads have to be seen by the right people... those who are looking for a new work from home income opportunity! The key is to get in early and be among the first to advertise to the right people!

Join my Income-Opps list and be the first to receive information on new online income opportunities, new work at home programs, new affiliate programs, online business opportunity information, and other ways to make money online. I send the new ads to my Income-Opps list first so subscribers have the chance to get in a new opportunity at the TOP!

If you subscribe, you will not be overwhelmed with offers. You will not receive more than 2-3 ads per week and you can unsubscribe whenever you wish.

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Why You Should Have A Page Hosted Here

  • NO Monthly Hosting Fees
  • Benefit from Other Peoples Traffic -  There is a link to this page on everyone's page and a suggestion for the visitors to check out the income opportunities on this page. So when people drive traffic to their page - you will get some of their traffic to visit your page.
  • Benefit from My Traffic - I have links on other sites that go to this page and I also have other pages on income-opps.com that I send traffic to - so you will benefit from my traffic as well.
  • Builds Your List Faster by using the T.E.A.M. Concept (Together Everyone Achieves More!)
  • Solo Ad E-Blast to my Aweber list ($100 Value) - I will create an email ad about your opportunity with a link to your Viral Lead Capture Page and blast it to my double optin Aweber list. This usually generates over 100 clicks.
I  will put the code from your autoresponder on your Viral Lead Capture Page. All I need for you to do is email the code of your webform from your autoresponder service.

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Ordering Your Viral Lead Capture Page

1) Click the PayPal button below and pay $125. Your order includes a Solo Ad E-Blast and a Viral Lead Capture Page.

2) Click the Contact link at the bottom of this page and email the following information:

  1. Email some information about your opportunity that I can use to write the content for your Viral Lead Capture Page. Your sales page should have enough information on it so you can send me the link to it. If you have any ads, then email those also.
  2. Email the code of your webform from your autoresponder service.
3) After I have created your Viral Lead Capture Page, I will send you the link to it so that you can see if it meets your approval and so that you can test your opt-in form to be sure that it is working properly.

4) After you let me know that everything is ok, I will put a link to your Viral Lead Capture Page on this page. Then you can start promoting the link to your Viral Lead Capture Page and
I will send your Solo Ad E-Blast.


Use a redirect link instead of the direct link to your Viral Lead Capture Page when Email Broadcasting or doing anything that could be considered spam. I don't want the domain name (income-opps.com) to get blacklisted. Not only will that be a major problem for me but it will be a problem for everyone that has a page hosted here. If I get any complaints - I will delete your Viral Lead Capture Page.

You can join bitly and create a shortened url or bitmark that will redirect to your Viral Lead Capture Page. Use that in your email ad to protect income-opps.com and so that you can track your clicks. Bitly (formerly Bit.ly) is a URL shortening and bookmarking service. It is free to join and you can view statistics to see how many clicks you got on your link or bitmark. Click below to join bitly.

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Viral Lead Capture Page + Solo: $125
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